Prescription Safety Lenses


Hi-Tech Optical is an expert optical lens manufacturer that produces lenses to meet exacting specifications with consistent quality and fit. Each prescription lens is completely inspected and carefully verified for full compliance to the specifications of your prescription. It is also inspected by a highly trained, experienced and knowledgeable, quality assurance specialist. 

Vision Type

We are proud to offer only the highest quality prescription lens products available, from single vision, traditional bifocals and trifocals to the latest technology in progressive lenses. Read about the types of lens for your lens prescription needs.


With the vast selection of prescription lens options and treatments, lenses are now made thinner and lighter than ever before. Learn about polycarbonate lenses.


To further protect your eyes and your safety glasses, we offer specialized lens coatings that can be added to your lenses.


If you have eye sensitivity or work both indoors and outdoors throughout the day, you may want to use photochromatic, tinted or polarized lenses.