Lens Coatings

Lens coatings can enhance the performance, durability and visibility of your eyewear. The primary lens coatings and treatments available include Ultraviolet, Scratch-Resistant and Anti-Reflective coatings.

Ultraviolet Coating

Ultraviolet rays can not only damage your skin, they can also damage your eyes. An ultraviolet coating on your eyeglass lenses will block the UV rays from damaging your eyes. This can help help prevent cataracts, cancer of the skin around the eyes, and long-term eye damage, such as macular degeneration of the retina.

Scratch-Resistant Coating

Although no lens is completely scratch proof, we can add a scratch resistant coating to reduce the potential scratches on your lenses. We also recommend that while not wearing your eyewear, you keep them safe in a cushioned case and also clean the lenses with a microfiber cloth and cleaning solution. To prevent scratching while cleaning, always wet the lens before wiping, and never use paper products.

Anti-Reflective Coating

An anti-reflective coating can also be added to your lenses to help eliminate reflections from lighting, computer screens, water and other reflective materials. An anti-reflective coating can help make vision through your glasses clearer, sharper and better at night, as well as help reduce eyestrain and eye fatigue issues. We offer the best anti reflective coating in the industry, which comes with a two year warranty.