Polycarbonate Lenses

Polycarbonate lenses, glass lenses and plastic lenses are the primary options for prescription safety glasses. Event though glass and plastic lenses are allowed according to OSHA regulations, polycarbonate are a much better choice for protection and comfort. 

Why Choose Polycarbonate Lenses?

Polycarbonate lenses are not your traditional plastic lens.They are thinner and lighter to help improve the comfort of your glasses. They also give 100% UV protection and they are up to 10 times more shatter and impact-resistant. We highly recommend polycarbonate lenses for safety glasses, sports eyewear and children. The lightweight, comfort, UV protection and impact resistance makes polycarbonate lenses the obvious choice.

High Index Lens

High index lenses are a plastic material that's thinner than polycarbonate. It is recommended for people with higher prescriptions and astigmatism corrections. A high index lens hides some of the thickness of the lens, to make the glasses more normal and attractive. (Thus helping to eliminate the “coke bottle” feeling.)

At Hi-Tech Optical, we can help you determine which material of lense will be best for your safety glasses.