Safety Prescription Transition Sunglasses

Safety prescription sunglasses are widely used for those who work or play outdoors because they provide great eye protection from both projectiles and light. We offer many styles, including transition safety glasses, polarized sunglasses, and tinted safety glasses. Below is a description of the differences between these options.

Transition Safety Glasses

Transitions safety glasses have a transition lenses that lighten and darken with the outdoor lighting conditions. This empowers the user with only needing 1 pair of safety glasses for indoor and outdoor use and eliminates the need to switch glasses to accommodate the lighting conditions. The lenses in transition safety glasses respond to the ultraviolet light and change from clear to dark in a few seconds.

Technology breakthroughs have results in stronger, more shatter-resistant ballistic sunglass lenses and frames to provide superior safety and comfort.

Polarized Safety Sunglasses

Polarized sunglasses help reduce eye stress and fatigue from excessive glare. For outdoor activities like driving, fishing, boating, construction and others, polarized safety sunglasses reduce the glare and empower the user with greater visibility and clarity. The polarized sunglass lenses filter out the UV-rays from reflections from water, vehicles, paint or other reflective materials that can cause blinding visibility.  

Tinted Safety Glasses

Tinted safety glasses have tinted lenses to help improve visibility both indoors and outdoors. They are especially helpful for those with eye problems or eye sensitivity. A simple tint in the lenses of the tinted safety glasses can improve visibility.