This website was built for the Wisconsin Department of Administration contract for prescription safety glasses.
Hi-Tech Optical, Inc is the new safety eyeglass provider. *PLEASE NOTE, WE ARE IN THE PROCESS OF UPDATING THE WEBSITE FOR THE 2017 CONTRACT. PLEASE CALL US IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS (800) 638-1171*

Program Features

  • Frame Selection Options - Updated: 1/13/2017
    (Frames available for the master contract will be shown here)
    Click here to view safety frames available under your contract.
  • Provider Locations
    Click here to view a list of Eyecare Providers. Find a location nearest to you.
  • Departments
    Click here to enter and view list of Departments. Click appropriate Department to then view their list of Agencies. Click your Agency name to download and print the Order Form.
  • Ordering Process

    1.    Click on Departments.

    2.    Find correct Department and click on Department name.

    3.    Within each Department is a list of their Agencies. Click on your Agency name.

    4.    This will download your Order Form. 

    4.    Print document out.

    5.    Completely fill out Order Form from top to bottom. (Document must be completed or delays may result come from incomplete forms.)

    a.    Lens Choice

    b.    Services & Lens Options

    c.     Frame Choice

    d.    Side Shields

    e.    Lens Material

    f.      Seg Height and PD are a MUST

    6.    FAX Order Form to Customer Service at 800-806-1663

    a.    If questions call Customer Service at 800-638-1171

Program Overview:

     ►Explanation of Program

Program Features:

    ► Safety Eyeglass Eligibility System (SEES)
    ► Frame Selection
    ► Provider Locations
    ► Order Form: Print/Fax | Online Form
  • Return Process
    1.    Hi-Tech Optical will supply each location with pre-paid mailing labels
    2.    Make copy of original Order Form.
    3.    Write corrections on copied Order Form.
    4.    Copied Order Form with corrections and glasses are to be shipped back to:
        Hi-Tech Optical
        P.O. Box 1443
        Saginaw, MI 48605-1443
    5.    Lens Warranty: Non-Adapt or prescription changes must be returned within 60 days
        to be remade at no charge.
  •  Questions that should arise please contact:
    Customer Service
    800-638-1171 or FAX 800-806-1663 email: