Are you Gambling with Your Safety Eyewear Program?

Having an effective safety eyewear program will promote a safety culture and minimize your worker’s compensation claims, while not having a prescription safety eyewear program could be hazardous to your workers and your bottom line!

The business cost of not having a prescription safety eyewear program for your workers:

  1. It is against the law to not protect your workers eyes if there are substances or particles that could endanger their eyes.
  2. The insurance costs such as insurance premiums, health care, disability, property damage and workers compensation.
  3. The hidden uninsured costs such as wages paid for time lost by injured workers, extra cost of overtime required to pick up work, decreased output of workers after returning to work, time spent by management on processing the injury, and paperwork. (Not to mention attorney fees, bonus loss, etc.)

According to Uvex by Sperian, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates the average cost of a disabling eye injury at $2,949 in indemnity compensation and $994 for medical payments – a total of $3,943.

The average cost of a prescription safety frame is approximately $80, meaning that 50 employees could be provided with prescription safety glasses for the “unhidden” costs of just one eye injury!

Leave the gambling for Vegas and bet on an effective prescription safety eyewear program for your employees.