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Eschenbach’s New Telescope Mounting Adapter with Adhesive Eliminates Need for Drilling

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Eschenbach’s new Telescope Mounting adapter #1627-03 allows select monocular telescopes to be mounted to eye wear without drilling into the lens. The Adapter is threaded on the inside and will accommodate any of Eshenbach’s Galilean monocular telescopes- #1621, #1622, or #1623. It features a strong adhesive ring that affixes to the lens surface and it includes… Read more »

Maximize UV Eye Protection

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Can eyes get sunburned? While everyone knows that skin requires protection from UV radiation, many people wonder – can eyes get sunburned? According to the American Optometric Association, the eyes can get sunburned (photokeratitis) just like skin, and can affect vision and harm the eyes. These UV-A and UV-B rays can have serious long- and… Read more »

Prescription Inserts for Respirators

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Prescription respirator inserts are a good choice for your mask. Our respirator inserts are compatible with the majority of respirators used by American law enforcement, military, and first responder personnel, and they can hold any prescription. Don’t sacrifice your vision’s comfort or safety in situations where a ventilator is required. Our in-house prescription lab and… Read more »

What are the Benefits of Copper, Orange, Amber/Yellow and Brown/Bronze Tints

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Copper, orange, yellow/amber and brown/bronze lens tints make your environment appear brighter and are commonly used in low-light conditions. These lens tints block blue light and enhance contrast and depth perception making them helpful for overcast, hazy and foggy conditions. Blue light, with its shorter wavelength, scatters easier than other colors and makes focusing more difficult…. Read more »

Blue Light and What it Does to You

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Ever wonder why you’re always feeling tired? Or after working in an office all day, your eyes are killing you? This is because your body is feeling the effects of blue light, causing you to have eye strain. Light is made up from various wavelengths that are all under different “categories” on the electromagnetic spectrum…. Read more »

What Do All of These Options Mean!?

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Do you ever go to your local eye care provider and when ordering your new glasses, you have no idea what anything is that they’re asking you to order? Well I can tell you from personal experience that before I was educated about what all of the different options were, I would always just order… Read more »

Kid Vision

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Ever wonder about what your baby is seeing?  Is their vision as good as a baby as it is when they grow up? Trying to figure out what someone else is seeing is difficult, but then to throw in the fact that they cannot even tell you what they are seeing just adds to the… Read more »