Do You Suffer From Fogging Eyewear?

When you rely on your glasses for everyday use the common problem of fogging can become a real annoyance. Whether you’re in and out of vehicles or buildings fogging lenses become a problem. Fog is moisture droplets that collect on the lenses and obscure vision.  People use a variety of anti-fog remedies and treatments to counteract this effect. The effectiveness comes from keeping water from collecting on the surface of your lenses.

Winter clothing can be a contributingC  Documents and Settings Stephanie Desktop Cristie Marketing Blogs Fogged Lenses factor to fogging eyewear. Check to make sure your winter clothing such
as a scarf is not directing your breath upward toward your eyes. The heat and moisture from your breath can easily cause fogging of the lenses.

Changing temperatures or can cause eyewear to fog up.
A gradual transition will help keep glasses from fogging. When inside, stand near the doorway where air is cooler and when in a vehicle allow it to heat up gradually when you’re hands are occupied and unable to your glasses.

An Example of Dangerous Fogging is downhill skiing

Skiing is already a dangerous sport without the added danger of fogging eyewear. Fogged lenses make you unable to avoid other skiers as well as see trees or snow conditions. As you ski your body radiates heat and moisture which then reaches your cold lenses and this creates fog on your eyewear. Try these tips below to help avoid fogging.

Tips on How to Prevent Your Eyewear from Fogging

  • One Solution
    -Apply liquid soap, potato juice, shaving cream and toothpaste containing no baking soda, which is abrasive, detergent, shampoo or shaving cream to your eyewear.
    -Let substance dry on glasses.
    -Wipe off extra without rinsing in an outward circular motion.
  • Second Solution
    -Coat lenses with a solution of three part water and one part white vinegar.
    -Rub solution on both lenses and let dry (Do not rinse or wipe away)
  • Third Solution
    -Use an Anti-fog product such as: Defog It™ which is a dry anti-fog cloth.
    -Follow the package instructions for proper use.
  • Fourth Solution
    -Acclimate a pair of glasses to the environment you are about to be in.


Read warnings on anti-fogging products. Some anti-fogging products remove coatings and can dull plastic. Some anti-fog products require a long period of time for drying to avoid irritation to your eyes. If you have plastic lenses and are using a household item as anti-fogger, make sure it contains nothing abrasive.