How to Select the Right Laser Safety Glasses

Selecting the right pair of laser safety glasses is very important for your sight and safety, especially when dealing with potentially hazardous laser beams. Lasers and reflected laser beams can cause serious eye damage, but with laser safety glasses those dangerous wavelengths are filtered out.

If you’re looking for the right pair of laser safety glasses, here are 3 tips to help you decide what you need.

  1. FRAME: Choose a frame style that matches your … (1) Application requirements – From lightweight to wrap-around designs, find the options that match your requirements. (2) Personal style – With the large selection of contemporary designs available today, you don’t have to sacrifice style for safety. (3) Facial features – A poorly fitting frame will result in poor safety.
  2. FILTER: Based on the wavelength(s) of the laser(s) you’re exposed to in the workplace, select a filter that will offer the necessary protection. Note: In the case of multiple wavelengths, you may need more than 1 pair of laser glasses.
  3. OPTICAL DENSITY: Depending on the laser type and how it is used, you may need to consider Optical Density. For example, when the laser is used for alignment purposes, the beam must be visible, and the OD must be chosen to accommodate this requirement.

Whether needed for industrial, military, telecommunications, medical, R&D or specialty usage, it is paramount to have quality laser eyewear that matches your needs. Hi-Tech Optical provides laser safety glasses and goggles from the best brands in the industry in a variety of styles to offer top-notch technology, comfort and wearability.