Delphi Explanation of Program

Dear Delphi Safety Coordinator, Delphi employee and Provider:Hi-Tech Optical, Inc. (HTO) is pleased to announce that we have been awarded the Corporate Safety Eyeglass Contract for North America. We are the only optical laboratory to hold this contract and all orders for Safety Eyeglasses and/or questions regarding this program should be directed to HTO.

Hi-Tech Optical, Inc., located in Saginaw, Michigan, has many years of experience in setting up and successfully operating Safety Eyeglass Programs for major Industrial Accounts.  We look forward to the challenge and opportunity to standardize Delphi’s Prescription Safety Eyeglass Program.

We have prepared program explanation letters for Safety Coordinators, Employees and our designated Doctor Providers. These letters have been sent to the Delphi plants and designated Providers and will explain the complete program workings.  If questions remain, please contact HTO Delphi customer service at 1.800.638.1171.

The Safety Coordinator will explain to the employee what frame and lens options are covered by Delphi under the new program and their options for payroll deducted upgrades. Wall charts designating the frame selections will be supplied to each plant’s Safety Coordinator.  Wall charts will also be available at the designated Doctor’s office along with a full selection of frame styles to choose from.

We wish to thank the Safety Coordinators, Employees and Providers for being a part of this program.  Hi-Tech Optical, Inc. will do everything it can to make sure the transition goes as smoothly as possible.  Your consideration and cooperation is very much appreciated.  We look forward to working with everyone involved.

Staff of Hi-Tech Optical, Inc.

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