General Motors Prescription Safety Eyewear Program

Agreement No.

Last Updated: 12/26/2017

This website was built to use for General Motors prescription safety eyewear program.
Hi-Tech Optical, Inc is the new safety eyeglass provider.

Program Features

  • Provider Locations
    Click Here to view a list of Eyecare Providers. Find a location nearest to you.
  • Plant Locations
    Click Here to enter and view list of order forms. Click your correct location name to download and print the Order Form.

Ordering Process

  1. Click on Plant Locations.
  2. Find correct Plant Location and click on Location name.
  3. This will download your Order Form.
  4. Print document out.
  5. The appropriate person in the department must approve the order by signing in the bottom left corner.
  6. The Employee will take the Order Form to the Dispenser to select their glasses. If the Employee already has a current (less than 2 years old) prescription they must take a copy of that with them to the dispenser. If not they should call ahead and schedule an eye exam with the dispenser.
  7. The Dispenser will FAX Order Form to Customer Service at 800-806-1663

Program Features

  • Safety Eyeglass Eligibility System (SEES)
  • Frame Selection
  • Provider Locations
  • Order Form: Print/Fax | Online Form

Return Process

  1. Lens Warranty: Non-Adapt or prescription changes must be returned within 60 days to be remade at no charge. (NO REFUNDS)
  2. Return to the dispener for issues with the glasses.

Questions that should arise please contact:
Customer Service 800-638-1171 or FAX 800-806-1663