M-Cubed Prescription Safety Eyewear Program

Last Updated: 10/24/13

Program Features

Click below to download and print the Order Form, Employee letter and Provider letter for your location.


Ordering Procedure

    • Supervisor or manager prints out the customized order form from the web site or a specific link.
    • Supervisor or manager enters employee name at the top of the order form and signs it in the lower left corner.
    • Supervisor or manager can print out an employee letter from the web site. Information about your company’s program is detailed on the employee letter. Provider locations may be listed on the employee letter.
    • The provider locations may also be listed on the web site.
    • Employee must have a current prescription that is less than two years old and must take the prescription with them to the provider.
    • If employee does not have a current prescription, they may contact the provider or any eye care provider of their choice and get an eye exam. (Not covered by this program.)
    • Employee goes to the provider with form and prescription.
    • A dispenser employee at the provider helps the employee determine what glasses they want with the options that are available on the order form.
  4. Dispenser emails or faxes order to Hi-Tech Optical.
  5. Hi-Tech produces glasses and sends them to provider.
  6. Dispenser calls employee when they receive glasses.
  7. The employee gets glasses professionally fitted by dispenser.
  8. Customer pays Hi-Tech Optical.

Our customer service can be contacted at CS@Hi-TechOptical.com or phone number is 800-638-1171 for questions on the frames, ordering, and shipments.

For copies of invoices or end of month statements, please contact Accounts Receivable at 989-799-9390.

Questions that should arise please contact: Customer Service 800-638-1171 or FAX 800-806-1663