Unified Brands Prescription Safety Eyewear Program

This website was built for Unified Brands for prescription safety eyewear.


Click here to view Providers and download the Order Form for your specific location.

Ordering Process

  1. Click on Locations.
  2. Find correct location and click Print Form. This will download your form.
  3. Print documents.
  4. Completely fill out Order Form from top to bottom. (Document must be completed or delays may result from incomplete forms.)
    1. Lens Choice
    2. Services & Lens Options
    3. Frame Choice
    4. Side Shields
    5. Lens Material
    6. Seg Height and PD are a MUST
  5. FAX or Email Order Form to Customer Service at 800-806-1663, orders@hi-techoptical.com

Questions that should arise please contact:
Customer Service 800-638-1171 or FAX 800-806-1663