Shooting Glasses Lens Tinting for Hunters, Police, and Competition

Whether you’re an avid hunter, shooter or police officer, shooting glasses provide added protection from small objects traveling at a fast pace. Although they are not bullet proof, they will protect you from flying objects, such as shell casings, while shooting.

Lens Tinting

If you’re in the woods hunting, at the shooting range for practice, or participating in a shooting competition, you’ll want to select the appropriate lens tinting for your specific application and lighting conditions. Shooting glasses differ from regular safety glasses because of unique lens tints such as orange and amber/yellow. These colors are used to illuminate everything properly, giving you improved vision, especially during dawn and dusk.

Below is a quick break-down of the lens tint colors:

  • Amber/Yellow: The amber and yellow tints appear to be the same color. They allow for a high level of contrast and improved definition, especially in low-light applications such as dawn or dusk. It has 85% VLT (visual light transmittance), which is why you don’t want to use an amber lens at high noon. (Note: VLT is the approximate amount of visible light that gets through a lens.)
  • Orange: An orange tint is very similar to amber and yellow, but with more of an orange hue. This color tint provides a high contrast and is ideal for general wear with intermittent light conditions. It has a 50% VLT.
  • Gray: Regular sunglasses use a gray tint and are primarily used for outdoor applications. This color tint minimizes glare that can result from eye strain and fatigue. Gray lens tinting has 15% VLT, which is why you can’t see well while wearing your sunglasses at dawn or dusk.

Shooting Glasses Improve Your Sight for Distance

There are special techniques that can be applied to your shooting glasses to improve your site for distance. Some doctors create specialty pairs of shooting glasses for a specific distance, such as 100 meters away from a target. Prescription shooting glasses can improve your ability to see both the site and target, as well as improve your shooting accuracy.

Example: Michigan Police Officer Wears Improved Shooting Glasses

In Michigan last year, a Saginaw Township police officer asked Hi-Tech Optical Inc. to create a pair of prescription shooting glasses for him. Hi-Tech Optical applied a few special techniques to improve the vision. After using the shooting glasses, he returned to the office and explained how happy he was with the new glasses that we had made him. He said, “It has increased my ability to see the site and target simultaneously. It has also improved my shooting ability and accuracy.” How is this possible? Hi-Tech Optical uses a combination of lenses in a strategic way to obtain these types of results. If you want to see these same results, contact us.