Thinking of Buying Your Glasses Online? Don’t.

Have you ever bought a pair of glasses online, whether they were for reading, safety or every day use? Were you unsure what measurement to choose? Did you know what the measurements were for? In most cases people end up guessing what size they need so when their glasses arrive they are either too small or too big. By not fitting properly, your glasses can cause headaches, pain behind your ears if too small or simply slide off your face if they’re too big. This can become especially dangerous for an individual who purchased safety glasses for their job or for around-the-house projects. When safety glasses become a nuisance rather than an asset, the individual is less likely to wear them, which lDo Not Buy Glasses Onlineeave their eyes vulnerable.

What I have heard the most from people who have ordered their glasses online is that they were disappointed with the product that showed up at their door. In many cases the frame felt cheap and after a couple weeks of use it rang true because they would have to seek a repair shop such as Hi-Tech Optical for adjustments. From experience, Hi-Tech Optical has had customers bring in their online frame to be repaired but depending what the frame is made of and how it was put together many are unfixable. An individual can spend a lot of money for what they think is a nice, quality frame but in the end they are frustrated with their purchase once it arrives.

Another occurring problem with purchasing glasses online is that your prescription may not be correct. You also may have purchased a certain material for your lenses such as polycarbonate but have ended up with plastic. To anyone not in the optical business you may not notice these differences, especially if your prescription was only off by a small amount. The only way to know for sure that you received exactly what you paid for is to take them to a trained professional to be examined.

The time and money spent shopping online for what you think is more convenience would have been better spent running to your local optical store. Your local optical store offers larger frame selections to choose from and try on with the assistance of trained opticians to help guide you through the process. Opticians have knowledge about frames and lens options that would work best for your lifestyle. They also have knowledge about frame sizes and shapes that are suitable for your facial features. By shopping locally you will have the correct measurements for your frame as well as a full understanding about what you are purchasing.