What are Prescription Diving Masks?

For recreational or professional use, prescription diving masks protect the eyes and provide clear vision while under water. To learn more about prescription diving masks, read below about prescription compatibility and how prescriptions are added to diving masks.

Prescription Compatibility with Diving Masks

There is an inherent limitation in diving masks that prevent certain prescriptions from being compatible with diving masks. Because the lens area on a diving mask is flat, the prescription lenses have to be flat as well. Many prescriptions cannot work on a flat surface. Contact a qualified optical laboratory, such as Hi-Tech Optical Inc., and ask if your prescription will work for a diving mask before you purchase.

How Prescription Lenses Work in Diving Masks

Prescription diving masks are quite expensive and time consuming to create, mainly because of the customization and flat surface. The two ways that prescriptions can be added to diving masks include:

  1. The entire lens area is a prescription lens that is custom built.
  2. Prescription lenses are inserted between the mask face shield and your eyes.

In the first option above, the manufacturer must hand design a shape similar to the mask. Once the lens is created it is then adhered with epoxy to the mask. Be careful in selecting a qualified optical laboratory to minimize possible issues with your diving mask. Occasionally, bubbles can get in between the lenses and the diving mask, which cannot be removed.