What are the Best Type of Sunglasses for Driving?

While some people wear sunglasses with tints, polarized lenses or transitions lenses, there is one type of new eyewear that is superior to all the rest. It’s named Drivewear and it is a lens specifically made for driving.

Eye Protection While Driving is Imperative

When driving, sun comes through the windshield and typically hits the dashboard. From the dashboard, the rays of light become glare to your eyes. It can stop you from seeing objects in front of you and to the side, meaning you might not see small children playing alongside the curb.

Why Wear Drivewear?

While polarized lenses are critical in high-glare situations, Drivewear adjusts throughout the day to the outside conditions. Drivewear continually adjust to the outside ambient lighting conditions to:

  • Protect your eyes from bright light at high noon
  • Improve your vision during gloomy conditions from overcast weather
  • And also remove glare for safe driving during regular daylight driving conditions.

A big difference between Drivewear and transition lenses is that Drivewear darkens outside as well as behind the windshield of a car. Transition lenses don’t darken well when in a car, but are ideal for being outdoors in convertibles, skiing and other outside activities.

Who Should Wear Drivewear?

Everyone! From professional sports car drivers and truck drivers to moms and their kids, anyone who wants to drive safely and protect their eyes in all conditions can wear Drivewear.

What Makes Drivewear Special?

The lens engine in Drivewear includes two powerfully advanced technologies (Transition Photochromic technology and NuPolar Polarization technology) that create the ultimate driving lens. Younger Optics, the maker of Drivewear, has filed multiple patents on this invention because it is so advanced.

When Not To Wear Drivewear

Do not wear Drivewear at night. As with all photochromatic lenses, DrivewearR will become darker in cold and evening conditions and may limit visibility. Learn more about Drivewear.