Why is a Safety Eyewear Wellness Program Important for Employees?

When your workers start their day, are they grabbing a pair of safety glasses before they get started? Making sure workers wear their safety glasses is just one aspect of a safety eyewear wellness program.

From maintaining protective equipment to properly flushing eyes after encountering a hazard, to adjusting office lighting, safety personnel and employees should take a comprehensive approach to eye wellness.

Eye wellness programs in the workplace not only protect employees’ eyes from serious injury, but also make employees comfortable and more productive.

For a successful program, education is first.

What should a wellness program teach?

  1. For many companies, eye wellness programs start by obtaining eye protection. Employees need to understand that they need to do more than simply wear a pair of safety glasses.
  2. Train and educate workers on what the hazards are. No matter what kind of environment you’re in, if people understand what the hazards are around them, they can then start looking at how to improve.
  3. Keeping them clean and in good shape is a must. What you see at work is very important. You may be missing something important if your lenses are dirty and cannot see.  You should clean your glasses with lens cleaner and cleaning cloths everyday and store them in proper eyeglass cases.