Payment, Pricing & Billing

Payment Options

While most employers absorb the entire cost of providing their workers with safety prescription eyewear, some have chosen to require their employees to bear some portion of the benefit as a "co-pay" in the hopes of limiting the company's exposure to excessive program abuse. It is our experience that programs designed with little or no co-pay gain wider employee acceptance and fewer excuses for non-compliance. Payroll deduction is yet another option.


As in any procurement decision, pricing can be a major concern. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to compare prescription eyewear pricing since few vendors use identical pricing formats. Be aware that what may at first glance appear to be most favorable may, in fact, be more expensive. Be sure to check all the ingredients of a pricing proposal carefully -- frame selection, lens type, lens material, special eye size surcharge, etc -- to be sure you are comparing all elements equitably. Also consider the individual demographics of your company's work force, for instance a younger labor pool would suggest high single-vision lens usage, while and older work force would indicate a greater need for more expensive bi-focal and tri-focal lens powers.

Billing Procedures

Statements are sent out once a month with all invoices attached. We can do split invoices (company vs. employee amounts) if necessary. We accept Visa, MC, AE, cash, and check.

We have many different usage reports we can prepare and send to show breakdown of lenses, frames, dates, employees, materials used, and more.