Corporate Safety Glass Programs

Since 1987, Hi-Tech Optical, has specialized in comprehensive, turnkey safety eye glass programs. As one of the Midwest’s largest Safety Optical Laboratories, Hi-Tech Optical serves employees of the nation’s largest industrial plants, as well as ophthalmologists and optometrists. Cost containment, multiple location and Freedom of Choice doctor participation plans are among the programs offered.

Prescription Safety goggles

Design Options

Years of dedication to the unique safety requirements of industry allows Hi-Tech to customize a plan that maximizes the benefits to your company and every eligible employee. Peace of mind is the ultimate deliverable. Hi-Tech Optical professionals offer multiple options for your staff to obtain prescription safety glasses including onsite dispensing, back to the doctor programs, and direct mail order, freeing your staff to focus on growing your business and operating your plants. The needs of management and labor are integrated into one complete, comprehensive safety eyeglass program.

Warranty Periods

Given the demanding environment in which the product must perform, safety eyewear should be fabricated to take a great deal of abuse. In selecting an appropriate vendor, check to see that the provider will stand behind its product and service. At Hi-Tech Optical, prescription accuracy is unconditionally guaranteed. Frame materials are guaranteed for a minimum of one year.


Customer Service

Gaining a quick answer to a thorny technical question or an expedited shipment in an emergency can become a frustration to the person in charge of a company’s safety eyewear program. In selecting an eyewear service vendor, review the proficiency and depth of experience in the Customer Service Department. A well-trained, courteous and knowledgeable staff can save you many headaches in effectively administering your safety eyewear program.

Order Turnaround

Safety prescription eyewear is a time-sensitive protective device and must be worn by the employee as soon as possible. While occasional backlogs and unusual prescriptions may periodically delay the turnaround time of an individual order, the following schedule should serve as a benchmark in judging the performance of your safety eyewear provider, when all information in complete on the order form, including a legible prescription, any possible co-pays, seg height, pupillary distance, and frame information:

  • Plastic Lenses – 3 to 6 Production Days
  • Glass & Polycarbonate Lenses – 4 to 7 Production Days

Should your current vendor be incapable of meeting turnaround times, it may be wise to review either your program design or contact Hi-Tech Optical for a proposal.

Auxiliary Services

Special cost center billings, tailored billing options, safety eyewear audits and monthly, quarterly, or yearly employee utilization reports are but a few of the extra features a well-designed safety eyewear program should contain. In selecting a vendor, it is wise to anticipate your future program demands and seek an eyewear provider that will grow as your program evolves. Complete, comprehensive and flexible safety eyewear programs are our specialty at Hi-Tech Optical.

laboratory prescription safety glasses


You won’t be dissatisfied with our opticians! With a combined 40+ years of experience, all of our opticians are extremely knowledgeable, friendly and are up-to-date on all of the latest products and styles available.

Our Office

When you come into our office, whether you need a thorough eye examination or to pick out new prescription safety glasses, we will provide you with professional and friendly service. We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service and extensive knowledge and abilities.

Provider Network

Hi-Tech Optical selects from a panel of qualified eye care professionals conveniently located near your facility for all your dispensing needs. Hi-Tech will make sure each provider has the correct safety frame samples at their location along with a complete understanding of how your program works.

In-House Dispensing

A highly qualified representative of Hi-Tech Optical will visit each of your facilities on a regular scheduled basis or by appointment. Hi-Tech will bring many frame styles and assist your employees with frame selection, measuring, ordering and perform minor repairs on site.

Payment, Pricing & Billing

Payment Options

While most employers absorb the entire cost of providing their workers with safety prescription eyewear, some have chosen to require their employees to bear some portion of the benefit as a “co-pay” in the hopes of limiting the company’s exposure to excessive program abuse. It is our experience that programs designed with little or no co-pay gain wider employee acceptance and fewer excuses for non-compliance. Payroll deduction is yet another option.


As in any procurement decision, pricing can be a major concern. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to compare prescription eyewear pricing since few vendors use identical pricing formats. Be aware that what may at first glance appear to be most favorable may, in fact, be more expensive. Be sure to check all the ingredients of a pricing proposal carefully — frame selection, lens type, lens material, special eye size surcharge, etc — to be sure you are comparing all elements equitably. Also consider the individual demographics of your company’s work force, for instance a younger labor pool would suggest high single-vision lens usage, while an older work force would indicate a greater need for more expensive bi-focal and tri-focal lens powers.

Billing Procedures

Statements are sent out once a month with all invoices attached. We can do split invoices (company vs. employee amounts) if necessary. We accept Visa, MC, AE, cash, and check.

We have many different usage reports we can prepare and send to show breakdown of lenses, frames, dates, employees, materials used, and more.

Program Design Options

Hi-Tech Optical offers all of the following safety eyewear programs, as well as a variety of customized safety glass programs designed to address the specific or unique requirements of its customers.

Traditional Program

The employee procures an eye exam and prescription from his or her personal eye care professional or the Hi-Tech Optical designated approved program provider. The approved provider will have a complete selection of the program frames and all program details. This approved provider will also submit the completed order form with all pertinent ordering information including the frame the employee selected to Hi-Tech Optical for manufacturing the safety glasses. The lab returns the eyewear to the designated approved provider who will inspect the glasses for accuracy and provide a professional fitting for maximum comfort.

Optometric Referral Network

The lab establishes a pre-screened network of eye care professionals within close proximity to the plant from which employees may procure safety eyewear in accordance with the customer’s pre-determined Policies & Procedures. All prescription, fitting data, specifications, and co-pay collection (if any), is handled between the network and the lab independent of the involvement of the company’s Safety of Personnel office.

On-Site Dispensing Programs

The lab procures the services of a certified optician who will visit the customer’s facility on a regularly scheduled or “as needed” basis to fit and dispense safety eyewear to the customers’ employees.