Program Design Options

Hi-Tech Optical offers all of the following safety eyewear programs, as well as a variety of customized safety glass programs designed to address the specific or unique requirements of its customers.

Traditional Program

The employee procures an eye exam and prescription from his or her personal eye care professional and submits the prescription, fitting information and frame selection to the designated eye care professional who in turn forwards the order to Hi-Tech Optical for processing. Lab returns the eyewear to either the plant or the employee's designated eye care professional for final fitting and dispensing.

Optometric Referral Network 

The lab establishes a pre-screened network of eye care professionals within close proximity to the plant from which employees may procure safety eyewear in accordance with the customer's pre-determined Policies & Procedures. All prescription, fitting data, specifications, and co-pay collection (if any), is handled between the network and the lab independent of the involvement of the company's Safety of Personnel office.

On-Site Dispensing Programs 

The lab procures the services of a certified optician who will visit the customer's facility on a regularly scheduled or "as needed" basis to fit and dispense safety eyewear to the customers' employees.