Eschenbach’s New Telescope Mounting Adapter with Adhesive Eliminates Need for Drilling

Eschenbach’s new Telescope Mounting adapter #1627-03 allows select monocular telescopes to be mounted to eye wear without drilling into the lens. The Adapter is threaded on the inside and will accommodate any of Eshenbach’s Galilean monocular telescopes- #1621, #1622, or #1623. It features a strong adhesive ring that affixes to the lens surface and it includes thin foam layer between the adapter and the adhesive ring to allow it to make a secure seal.

The Telescope Mounting adapter is suitable for single vision spectacle lenses with a front Plano base curve of up to =+12.00 diopters. The mounting process is fairly straight forward: mark the front of the lens where you want the telescope mounted, copy the mark on the back of the lens, thoroughly clean the front side of the lens, screw the telescope into the Adapter, remove the protective paper over the adhesive ring on the Adapter and then affix the Adapter with the telescope onto the outside of the lens. Find out more at